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Fucking Incredible


Procured from seeds from Vancouver Seed, “Fucking Incredible” is said to be a cross between Afghan and Burmese Kush that dates back to 1991. The flower is absolutely stunning to look at, deep purple peaking out from literally sheets of glistening frost. Unreal visually. The flavor profile is complex, an unusually tropical mixture of passion fruit and guava (I’m not kidding, easy to taste in the vape), followed by grape and dark fruit notes. The effects tend to be mildly euphoric in nature which is amazing for mood elevation, stress relief, and as an anti-depressant. It’s also very physically relaxing, with the latter effects easing the patient  into a state of slumber.









Featured Locations

Los Angeles County

Green Miracle Healing @ North Hollywood, CA



Fucking Incredible @ Green Miracle Healing

Fucking Incredible @ Green Miracle Healing

Fucking Incredible @ Green Miracle Healing









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