Bubba Kush

Lineage / Genetics

Bubba Kush

OG Kush x {West Coast Dawg x Old World Kush}

[Chemdawg x {Lemon Thai x Pakistani Hindu Kush}] – [West Coast Dawg BX3 | Old World Kush]


Breeder – Clone Only –

Bubba Kush is an extremely heavy and potent indica-dominant strain of cannabis that functions as an immense aid for a wide breadth of ailments including bodily pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety and so forth.  There is a definite earthen quality that defines the aroma of Bubba Kush,  but the smell is tempered by intense notes of coffee and musk, with a noticeable fruit-like sweetness at the end.  The taste is delectable and typically follows closely to the aroma of the plant, with the fruit-like taste taking prominence over the bitter coffee flavor if used in a vaporizer as opposed to combusting the plant material.  The effects are immensely enjoyable, slow, wave like, and all body. Warm, inviting, and relaxing, Bubba Kush proves to be absolutely perfect for late night consumption, melting anxiety and stress away almost immediately.  If done properly, Bubba Kush embodies all of the important qualities that truly define connoisseur-grade indica varieties and more when you take into consideration just how great this variety is in terms of flavor. Superb.

Featured Locations

Los Angeles County

Humboldt Relief @Reseda, CA

Orange County

Southern California Compassionate Sanctuary @ Anaheim, CA

1313 Collective @ Santa Ana, CA




Bubba Kush @ SCCS

Platinum Bubba Kush @ 1313 Collective

Platinum Bubba Kush @ 1313 Collective










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