Abusive OG

Lineage / Genetics

Abusive OG

OG Kush (Abusive Cut)

Chemdawg x {Lemon Thai x Pakistani Hindu Kush} (Most Likely)


Breeder – Clone Only –

Abusive OG Kush is a veritable classic, a strain that is representative of what should constitute premium, top of the line marijuana, especially with concern for OG cuts.  The  incredible trichome coverage is an obvious precursor to the resinous, sticky nature of this particular strain of cannabis.  The smell is classic OG — the fuel like notes, the overwhelming lemon-lime and pine that dominates the senses.  There is also a slight mellow hash like  aroma and a kick of cedar that are notable qualities. The taste is an intensely concentrated citrus with the pine flavors hanging towards the finish. The effects kick in instantaneously, first behind the eyes.  The cerebral effects remain strong but the initial cloudiness slightly eases into a body stone that somehow melts even further into a state of complete and total physical relaxation.  This is perfect medication for any type of pain relief, as well as insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders as well as a slew of other reasons. A classically balanced but intensely potent variation on the ubiquitous OG.  A long standing favorite and for good reason.


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Orange County

Patients Premium Collective @ Santa Ana, CA



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Abusive OG @ PPC

Abusive OG @ PPC










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