Super Jack 047

Lineage / Genetics

Super Jack 047

Jack Elite x AK-47

[Haze x {Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk}] – [AK-47 (1)]


Breeder – Elite Seeds –

A cross between the vaunted AK-47 and Jack Elite, Super Jack is — as expected — an incredible specimen of cannabis that is not to be missed if cultivated properly. The aesthetics of this particular strain can not be beat, with thick trichome coverage and wild orange hairs. The smell consists of rich, spicy hash and sandalwood, unique and immediately identifiable. The taste follows suit, intensely spicy with just a hint of nuttiness; you will never mistake this for, say, a Kush for instance. The effects are immediate, powerful, and rise sharply;  euphoria, with a slight raciness, and almost purely cerebral; there is very little to no body load to this sativa dominant variety.  Creatively enhancing and motivational with a burst of long lasting energy. Extremely stimulating and proves to be quite effective for nausea, depression, and headaches.


Featured Locations

Orange County

1313 Collective @ Santa Ana, CA




Super Jack @ 1313 Collective

Super Jack @ 1313 Collective

Super Jack @ 1313 Collective









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