The Church

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The Church

Swizerland x Skunk x Super Skunk x Northern Lights

[Skunk] | [Skunk #1] | [Northern Lights # 1 x {NL # 2 x NL # 5}] | [Skunk #1 x Afghani]


Breeder – Green House Seed Co. –

Not to be mistaken for “Church OG”, The Church is the progeny of Skunk and Northern Lights. As such, to state that this cross is crushing in terms of potency and effects would be putting it lightly to say the least. Buds filled with large clusters of glistening resin glands and rich orange pistils are obvious standouts with regards to the appearance of Church. The aroma has a definitive earthen quality to it that is deepened even further by heavy notes of musk and skunk.¬† The taste is like earth, musk, skunk,and coffee — there is a dark and rich quality to the flavor that is uniquely apparent.¬† The heaviness tapers into a state of pure bodily relaxation making Church essential in treating insomnia, severe pain, inflammation, tension, and so on. An excellent example of proper medicinal marijuana.

Featured Locations

Los Angeles County

Green Miracle Healing @ North Hollywood, CA

Orange County

1313 Collective @ Santa Ana, CA




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