Brutus OG

Lineage / Genetics

Brutus OG

OG Kush (Unknown Cut)

Chemdawg x {Lemon Thai x Pakistani Hindu Kush} (Most Likely)


Breeder – Clone Only –

Brutus OG is a low yielding, indica dominant OG Kush cut that is exceptionally powerful and one of the finest choices to be found for those seeking to melt away severe pain and muscle tension (it’s also perfect for those in  need of a potent sleeping aid). Brutus is characterized by its tight, dense bud structure, eye catching washes of resinous trichomes, and particularly pungent aroma consisting of sharp citrus notes, fuel, and pine (the smell alone will literally “soak” into its surroundings). The taste is a powerful mixture of bright lemon notes and pine (balanced out with a slight nuttiness). The effects are immediate and extremely strong — an initial dosage will immediately leave the body in a state of total relaxation.  A superb example of a top-tier indica, and its status as such is unmatched among cannabis connoisseurs and experienced patients. Heavy is an understatement for the impeccable sampling of medical marijuana known as Brutus. Not to be missed.


Featured Locations

Los Angeles County

Humboldt Relief @ Reseda, CA

Orange County

Patients Premium Collective (PPC) @ Santa Ana, CA




Brutus OG @ Humboldt Relief

Brutus OG @ Humboldt Relief

Brutus @ Patients Premium Collective









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