Jane Doe

Lineage / Genetics

Jane Doe

OG Kush

Chemdawg x {Lemon Thai x Pakistani Hindu Kush} (Most Likely)


Breeder – Clone Only –

  “Jane Doe” is an aptly named mystery, an OG cross whose exact genetic lineage remains a phantom. Nonetheless, Jane Doe proves to be uplifting and energetic, a strain more in touch with the euphoric mental states and heady effects that is increasingly becoming a rarity in terms of your generic greenhouse OG. A sativa dominant hybrid that kicks off with a sweet lemongrass scent that maintains a sharp edge due to the underlying sour citrus that cuts through.  The taste is lemon through and through, completely smooth and mellow upon exhalation. As stated, the effects lean toward the cerebral although it does eventually stretch out into complete bodily warmth. Jane Doe will cause no lag or sluggishness, provides energy without any sense of raciness.  Jane Doe is an excellent example of marijuana that is stimulating yet balanced, and is excellent for consistent usage throughout the day for medical patients. Unique to Humboldt Relief.



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Jane Doe @ Humboldt Relief

Jane Doe OG @ Humboldt Relief

Jane Doe @ Humboldt Relief










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