Blue Queen

Lineage / Genetics

Dream Queen

Blue Dream x Space Queen

[Blueberry x Super Silver Haze] – [Romulan x C-99]


Breeder – Clone Only –

Blue Queen (also known as Dream Queen) is a sativa dominant strain that is a genetic cross of Blue Dream and Space Queen. The light green buds are covered with an abundance of crystals that provide a slight contrast to the creamy light orange pistils. The aroma and flavor is all blueberry with mellow notes of musk, hash and what can best be described as breadfruit.  It ranks highly amongst the very best of cannabis with concerns to the aforementioned aroma and flavor profiles.  The genetics provide a clue to the effects that can be expected: spacey with a dreamlike floatiness, mental and physical relaxation, and creative stimulation.  Blue Queen is superb medical marijuana especially for those who enjoy dreamy cerebral effects and either performing or observing various artistic endeavors.  Excellent in all respects.

Featured Locations

Orange County

1313 Collective @ Santa Ana, CA




Blue Queen @ 1313 Collective

Blue Queen @ 1313 Collective

Blue Queen @ 1313 Collective










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