Cherry AK-47

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Lineage / Genetics

Cherry AK-47

AK-47 (Cherry Phenotype)

Colombia (S) x Mexico (S) x Thailand (S) x Afghanistan (I)


Breeder – Unknown –

This is the formidable and very rare Cherry phenotype of AK-47, a legendary strain in the documented history of contemporary cannabis use.  Leaves are outnumbered by bulbous calyxes that literally stack upon one another. The bud shimmers gold, featuring lime-green leaves caked in a rich layer of mature trichome heads. The smell of Cherry AK-47 falls right in line with the former portion of its namesake, with a deep cherry lozenge aroma (tempered by a slighty creamy sandalwood and further deepened by a hint of skunk). The taste is incredible and smooth, with the cherry flavor sticking on the palette upon exhalation. This prized strain is extremely high in THC content and features a potent cerebral high that continues to creep well past the initial blast, expanding into complete body relaxation with a seemingly endless “creeper” factor.  A true  premium strain of medical marijuana that is never to be missed, ranking among the very best on all counts — aroma, unique visuals, flavor, and potency.  The Cherry AK-47 towers over all-comers (no reservations are at all attached to that statement).



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Cherry AK-47 @ CCSC

Cherry AK-47 @ CCSC

Cherry AK-47 @ CCSC










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