Sonoma Coma


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Sonoma Coma

Genetics are Unknown


Breeder – Happy Lil’ Trees –

Sonoma Coma is the 1st place winner in the sativa category at the High Times Los Angeles Cannabis  Cup  2012. The colors on this particular strain pop — with bright green leaves contrasted by earthen colored pistils off-set by the layers of white frost that coat the flower. The smell is incredibly distinct and complex; there are a variety of sweet tropical fruits at play, as well as some darker wine like characteristics. The dominating aroma is that of sharp hashy spice and sharp pepper.  The flavor retains some characteristics of the aroma but is smoothed out and mellowed in contrast. Mindbending cerebral activity can be expected, especially if consumed at higher dosages.  Continuously rising “ceiling” is a defining characteristic, as is euphoria and creative stimulation.  This potent strain is available directly from the source at CCSC Premium Collective off of Melrose in West Hollywood.


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Los Angeles County

CCSC @ Los Angeles, CA



Sonoma Coma @ CCSC

Sonoma Coma @ CCSC

Sonoma Coma @ CCSC










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