Green Crack

Green Crack

Lineage / Genetics

Green Crack

Skunk # 1 x Unknown Indica

[Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia] – [Unknown Indica]


Breeder – Clone Only –

Green Crack– when grown properly — is known for its immediate and soaring cerebral effects that pack a powerful punch, especially when consumed at higher dosages.  The smell are taste are indelible; bright citrus notes with a subtle layer of sandalwood, smoothed out by a prominent aroma of tropical fruit, with the taste following suit. With no ceiling, heavy and heady effects, and burst of physical energy (along with the incredible taste), Green Crack proves to be the quintessential “all day” smoke. Amazing medication that is perfect for depression, nausea, and more. An all-star variety in the world of medicinal marijuana.


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Green Crack @ CCSC









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