Diablo Master

Lineage / Genetics

Diablo Master

OG Kush (Diablo OG Cut) x Master Kush

[Chemdawg x {Lemon Thai x Pakistani Hindu Kush}] – [Hindu Kush x Skunk #1]


Breeder – Unknown –

Diablo Master is the genetic offspring of staggering proportions– Diablo OG and Master Kush. Dark, rich green flower caked with delicate layers of ripe trichs. The vibrant appearance gives way to an amazing smell that is undeniable, all buttery earthen notes, bitter coffee, spicy hash, and sharp citrus. Potency is off the charts with a burst of cerebral stimulation that eventually bodies out into full on physical relaxation that might leave one melting into the nearest couch; as such this is the Holy Grail for chronic pain relief, insomnia and relaxation.  One of the best samplings of medicinal marijuana with all-star properties in all respects.

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Los Angeles County

SOHO @ Sherman Oaks, CA



Diablo Master @ SOHO

Diablo Master @ SOHO

Diablo Master @ SOHO










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