Sour D*OG

Sour D*OG @ Rare Dankness

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Sour D*OG

Sour Diesel x Rare Dankness # 1

[Original Diesel x DNL] – [Triangle Kush x {Ghost OG x (Ghost OG x Chem Dawg)} BX2]


Breeder – Rare Dankness –

Sour D*OG  is a pairing of two absolutely legendary strains of marijuana — Sour Diesel and Rare Dankness # 1.  The result seems almost like it was an inevitable and perfect match; it truly is one for the ages when cultivated by a true master grower. Ridiculously potent on all levels. The aroma is pure funk, a combination of skunk, diesel fuel, musk, and some very faint citrus. It reeks and it’s all the better for it. The taste is not quite as powerful as the smell, but the same notes are all there. Effects will be immediately felt behind the eyes, eventually extending to a cerebral, but slightly cloudy feeling that remains stimulating before tailing off into a powerful indica punch that will leave one ready bed.

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Los Angeles County

SOHO @ Sherman Oaks, CA



Sour D*OG @ SOHO

Sour D*OG @ SOHO









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