Green Miracle Healing @ North Hollywood, CA


Located @ 7503 Laurel Canyon Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91605

Telephone @ (818) 232-8684

Open @ 10 AM-10 PM, 7 Days a Week

Patients must be at least 18 years of age

Credit cards are also accepted

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Green Miracle Healing Dispensary Profile

I’m going to open this feature by stating that Green Miracle Healing– GMH for short– is an outstanding medical marijuana clinic, something  which should be immediately evident by the glorious buds on display.  I’ve never been one to shy away from bluntly voicing my opinions, and to me, the actual quality of the cannabis offered at a dispensary/co-op/collective takes priority over everything else by a wide margin.  This is not controversial at all of course, but I do know more than a handful of individuals that value, say, deals or ease of access — quality is also important to them, but doesn’t take precedence for a variety of factors.  Well, Green Miracle Healing easily meets the quality standards and exceeds them by leaps and bounds while also offering donation amounts that almost exclusively hover around $40, with a handful of exceptions that top out at $45/8th. Considering the quality at hand I’m  blown away — I’ve seen other clinics that have strains of this quality going for $65-plus, so seeing donations solidly set this low is quite incredible and something that the people at GMH should be commended for. Locating the facility is a breeze as well, as it’s set on Laurel Canyon Blvd., between Saticoy St. and Sherman Way, right off of the Hollywood Freeway. The clinic itself is clearly marked making access quick and easy, and once inside, registration and verification are handled in a manner that proves to be warm and accommodating in my experience and definitely hassle free. Of course it’s the patient display room that is the crown jewel of Green Miracle Healing, but once inside the tenders elevate the level by also proving to be more than capable of offering tips and tidbits about the various strains on hand such as the varying effects, genetics, and so on; it’s a welcome treat and something I like to point out about clinics that are handling patient relations the right way, something that is woefully rare to find these days in all avenues in which patient or customer interaction is vital to the lifeblood of the organization.

Standout strains and expertly grown examples of prime marijuana immediately catch the eye, drawing one to further examine the excellence of the herb at hand; upon closer inspection the cannabis becomes even more desirable (for a multitude of reasons of course including pain management, etc.).  My favorite strain that I’ve discovered at GMH thus far is Kimbo Kush from Exotic Genetix.  First off, it’s a visual feast–an explosion of shimmering white trichomes, the bud itself peeking out as gradations of purple and dark green hues, all off-set by deep red-orange hairs– and something that I could stare at  for hours, this is a magnificent example of what premium, expertly grown marijuana that’s actually had some time and effort poured into it should look. Amazing visuals are met by a dense, complex flavor profile that’s a mixture of spicy hash notes overloaded with lemon, sour grapefruit, grape and dark fruit notes; it’s a unique taste that then further mellows out, and I picked up some earthiness followed by a berry-like taste.  The great taste melds into effects that are heady and euphoric, with the initial effects being an effective tool for stress relief, anxiety, and depression.  Physical relaxation takes root and the feel mellows out into a deep, comforting state that is perfect for sleep preparation. The Kimbo Kush is really quite amazing and ranks amongst my all-around favorite strains for the perfect balance of usage versatility, taste, visuals, potency, and quality of effects.

Another fine example is the Sap OG (a SFV OG cut from a patient grower at GMH), which plays out well as a superb example of what the “San Fernando Valley” variety should be like on all fronts. Vibrant lime green buds are covered with a sheen of clearish-amber glands, and dotted with fiery orange pistils; the smell reeks of pungent lemon and pine, a smell so unmistakeable that it’s identifiable immediately upon hitting the nose (definitely not meant for discreetness). The taste is also in line with the smell, with the lemon dominating and a distinct buttery “richness” that lingers on the palate. The Sap is hard-hitting as well, packing a heady punch that’s stimulating and heavy;  you will feel this behind the eyes and depending on the tolerance/experience of the patient this will eventually ease into a couch-lock.  Mentally and physically stimulating, I particularly enjoy the overall potency of the batch that I tried;  beautiful resinous buds, tasty, and very strong, the Sap OG is another standout at Green Miracle Healing and another one of my personal favorites.


The list of superb cannabis at GMH is extremely long and varied, with quality strains of well-grown, well-manicured medicinal marijuana found lining the shelves; another eye-catcher amongst many is the Church — this particular batch was an eyepopping lime green, craggy in structure, and covered with glimmering layers of frost. The scent is of pine, cedar and what can be described as earthy, coffee like notes; the taste when vaped is deep and complex, with the bitter coffee balanced by a rich, earthy taste and the woody notes lingering at the end. Powerful and sedative this will leave you in complete and utterly relaxed state; upon night usage there is usually a 30 minute period before  sleep calls. As such it’s perfect for those suffering from sleep deprivation or need something to relieve bodily pain like joint and muscle pain, surgical pain, and all forms of extreme pain. It’s a textbook example of what a proper indica should provide in terms of potency, effects, and suggested usage.

The Bubba Kush at Green Miracle Healing is another fantastic example of a properly grown and flushed indica and exhibits the powerful effects that will melt away pain and ease one into a state of complete physical and mental relaxation.  It’s a perfect nighttime medication and the wonderful big coffee, earth, and fruit-like flavor profile match up with an equally great smell that’s right along the same lines.  Frosty and extremely resinous and sticky. Another winning strain that is just so versatile in terms of utilization for various ailments, both physical and mental. Again, superb.

In the end, I really can’t stress it enough that Green Miracle Healing is a real standout and has immediately become a go-to spot and one of my favorite medical marijuana clinics in Southern California. The service is great, the cannabis is amazing hands down, with the OGs  standing out as upper echelon examples of premium marijuana, and the list goes on and on. This place is really not to be missed whether you’re in North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, all of SoCal, and stretching northwards. Kudos to the kind people at GMH, job well done!

-Review by Ellis Carver

-Photography by Synapse




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Kimbo Kush

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