Presidential Kush (Pure Kush x Turbo Diesel)

Lineage / Genetics

Presidential Kush (aka Prezidential Kush)

LA Pure Kush x Turbo Diesel

[Hindu Kush (Indica)] – [Sour Kush x Sour Diesel]


Breeder – MTG Seeds –

The Presidential Kush is a cross between ’91 LA Pure Kush and Turbo Diesel (Sour Patch Candies no doubt;¬† Sour Kush [OG Kush x Sour Diesel] crossed with Sour Diesel). The aroma emitted from the Presidential is heavy on the skunk like properties with a pronounced sour lemon and fuel smell; the taste is bitter lemon and fuel that’s undercut by a sharp piney taste — quite an amalgamation of incredible flavor profiles as anyone familiar with anything related to these strains can attest to. There’s an initial cerebral blast and boost of energy that settles into a meditative, relaxed state. There’s no lag associated making this perfectly balanced for medical marijuana patients requiring sustained usage throughout the day.


Featured Locations

Los Angeles County

Green Miracle Healing @ North Hollywood, CA



Presidential Kush @ Green Miracle Healing









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