Cooperative Patients Alliance @ Studio City, CA

Located @ 4344 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Suite 1 Studio City, CA 91604

Telephone @ (818) 308-7766

Open @ 11 AM-8 PM, 7 Days a Week 10 AM-10 PM Saturday-Wednesday,

10 AM-2 AM Thursday,6 AM-12 AM Friday

Patients must be at least 18 years of age

Delivery service  is offered within a 5 mile radius

of the brick and mortar location.


Cooperative Patients Alliance (CPA) Dispensary Profile

Cooperative Patients Alliance (CPA) is tucked away in Studio City off of Laurel Canyon Blvd., and is quite the gem in terms of medical clinics that specialize in dispensing medicinal cannabis to patients in need. The quality is overarching and effectively hits each important point with pinpoint precision;  the atmosphere and general vibe is top-notch, the staff is incredible, and the herb is great — quite honestly, I’m extremely impressed.   The “feel” of the place is very much one of the highlights and I have to commend Cooperative Patients Alliance for really nailing that aspect;  hardwood floors, minimal design layout and decor, the scent of candles wafting through the air, and a shelve adorned with glass jars filled with various candy all make this place one of the best in terms of layout that I’ve run across as I prefer this type of look personally.  Donation prices across the board are also the very definition of reasonable and the variety of deals offered on a regular basis by this particular clinic make things that much more impressive.  CPA of Studio City also offers  delivery within a 5 mile radius of their brick and mortar location which is a huge bonus for those within the general vicinity.

Personally speaking, the mellow, relaxing, chill vibes and service at Cooperative Patients Alliance would be great, but would not warrant return visits if not paired with the foundation of any  truly quality clinic– superb marijuana. As I mentioned previously, CPA hits those marks easily and as such, they carry a solid, handpicked mix of potent medicinal herb that covers the entire spectrum in terms of effects and finding the meds most suitable for your needs. I’ve actually come across some rarities, at least as far as I’ve seen in SoCal, like the impeccable Hog’s Breath– an Afghani and Hindu Kush cross and former Cannabis Cup winner.  This sampling was a true crusher, a dense, resinous bud coated with milky trichomes and peppered with golden pistils. The smell is rich, earthy, and layered with a pungent citrus undertone that carries over to the flavor profile, which features a much more prominent “key lime” taste that lingers; to put it bluntly, it’s  a very tasty strain.  Effects wise, the feeling is one of depth and introspection that spreads almost immediately from head to foot.  The mental and physical effects wash over completely, and eventually the effects melt into a state of extreme relaxation — as such it’s perfect for pain relief and insomnia.  In a sea of OG cuts it’s always great to see strains like this, especially when the properties of the bud are so unique in comparison to most everything else out there.  This is a  definite star attraction at Cooperative Patients Alliance and one that I’d like to keep in my rotation as the qualities are just so damn effective. Superb.

The Green Crack is the real deal, a powerhouse in terms of how stimulating and immediate the mental effects are.  Stoned euphoria awaits, and I find it  the perfect accompaniment for getting the creative juices flowing and prepping for exercise and jogging/running, etc. The distinct potency is paired with an amazing, complex flavor profile that hits all sorts of different tastes like mango, a variety of other tropical fruits, as well as a slight hint of spice and sandalwood (taste wise, you can’t beat a vaporizer for bringing all of these flavors to the forefront). The smell is of pure tropical fruit. Light orange pairs peek out through vibrant lime greens and frosty trichomes.

The LA Confidential — derived from a cross between Afghani and OG LA Affie — is fantastic as well, a heavy hitting indica that provides potent effects but remains effective for all-day use, providing the physical and pain relieving effects associated with indicas but without the sleepiness or “grogginess” that most other indicas tail off into as well as completely eliminating any tenseness or anxiety.  The LA Confidential, smell and taste wise, is a combination of spicy hash, earth, and sweet citrus.  It’s an all-around great strain and when done well like this batch it’s been a long-time favorite.

These are just a few examples, with other formidable strains that I’ve had the pleasure of trying being the superb Purple Trainwreck, Ghost OG, and Skywalker. The Purple Trainwreck is a beast of a strain, with the qualities of the Trainwreck taking precedence over the smell and flavor; hints of lemon and grape as well as pine play out underneath. The intense cerebral high hits immediately and powerfully and are only slightly smoothed out by the effects of the Purple Kush lineage.  The Ghost OG is great as well, leaning heavily towards the indica end of the hybrid spectrum. The smell is of pinesol, rich earth, and pungent skunk, and the taste follows suit, with notes of turpentine and woodiness also entering the mix. This is true dank, smooth upon exhale, with immediate effects.  The Skywalker (also known as Sativa OG) is much “headier” in nature, enhancing and stimulating the thought process, expanding creativity (playing music, writing, painting, etc.) or just working in general are all activities that are boosted by Skywalker. Skywalker is one of my all-time favorite strains (it’s just perfect as it can be utilized all day, the quality of the effects are unmatched, etc.) and the batch that I picked up from Cooperative Patients Alliance easily met up to my expectations.

CPA of Studio City is just quality across the board, no matter how one looks at it.   Time and effort has been put it and it shows, whether that be in the thoughtfulness of the layout, the patient perks, the attentiveness and knowledge provided by the staff, the quality of the cannabis, and so on.  Full-melt hashes, pre-rolls, cannabutter, and a solid array of edibles such medicated goldfish crackers and THC infused jolly ranchers round things out. The Remedy Medicated Coffee Drink in particular was excellent, effects and taste wise. Cooperate Patients Alliance impressed me and it’s easy to see that.  Great work and comes highly recommended.

-Review by Totems

-Photography by Synapse


Hog’s Breath

Ghost OG

King x Purp









LA Confidential

Purple Trainwreck

Green Crack









Green Crack

Skywalker OG

Hog’s Breath