Green Earth Collective @ E. Los Angeles, CA


Located @ 5045 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90042

Telephone @ (323) 982-9042

Open @ 11:00 AM-8:00 PM Monday-Saturday, 11:00 AM-6:00 PM Sunday

Credit Cards Accepted

Green Earth Collective Dispensary Profile

Value and quality are rarely synonymous — most of the time you’re looking at one or the other, especially when it comes to medical marijuana. When a dispensary is able to deliver on both fronts you tend to stick with them which is why Green Earth Collective has lit up my radar and is now rapidly becoming a go-to spot. It’s also relatively close to my living quarters so convenience can be added to the list of why I’ve been finding myself at Green Earth on a very frequent basis.  The collective is right off of York Blvd. in East Los Angeles and is marked by some graffiti artwork bearing the dispensary’s name that masks the door and outside of the building so finding it is definitely not going to be a problem. The artwork pops and is immediately attention grabbing. Inside, the presentation continues to impress as the lobby is nicely laid out with a soft couch and chairs, with the surrounding decor arranged in a completely inviting and professional manner.  These things are major factors in setting the patient at ease as it shows that there is care involved on the dispensary’s part.

Registration for first time patients  is a breeze and the staff are all very warm and friendly and all very willing to accommodate any questions that a patient has, at least in my experience.  Check-ins are  painless, further streamlining the process of gaining access to the budroom, which is laid out with beautiful wood paneled cases that house the jars of medicinal marijuana. The bells and whistles are nice, but it’s the medicine that matters. As I’ve said earlier, Green Earth Collective does indeed deliver on this end.  The prices are very reasonable with most of the various varieties of marijuana going for $45 for an 1/8th of an ounce. They usually have a few strains of their top-shelf of Planetary OG’s that run for $55 an 1/8th, but for the most part the majority of their strains will not exceed $45.  This is great news, especially when you consider the overall quality of the offerings at Green Earth.

I tried some of the Saturn OG Kush on one of my recent visits and it was exceptionally grown. It was nicely coated in trichs, reeked of lemony fuel and smoked perfectly. The grower obviously knew what they were doing and it shines through in every facet of this immensely pleasurable smoke, from the smell, look and structure, the taste, and of course, the effects of the medicine. It’s got that crushing OG effect times, minus any raciness, which has instead been replaced by feelings of deep body relaxation. This is just an all-around all-star medication in the world of medical marijuana. Excellent stuff.

The Green Crack at $45 is a great choice for those who are into intense cerebral effects and for those already familiar with the strain this is a great sample.  It smells like an array of tropical fruits, with hints of mango and papaya and is tinged with a tangy funk that lingers in the nose. It tastes like it smells but even more candy-like.  The effects are crushing and immediate. Intense head high that dissipates at a more rapid pace than some other varieties of cannabis, making the name apt in more ways than one. This has always been one of my favorite strains and the one at Green Earth Collective provides a really impressive example at a great price.

The Banana Kush is another fantastic choice, with a smell and taste that mirrors the name.  It looked great as well, exhibiting a chunky exterior just frosted with trichome goodness. Beyond the aesthetics the smoke is just so damn good.  The effects provide instant body relaxation and a pleasurable euphoria that retains a nice mellowness.  This is one of my favorites here and an absolute steal for the price. The Banana Kush has a ton of utility and stands out in particular for pain relief and anxiety.

There are also a large variety of concentrates, edibles, tinctures and medicated drinks on hand for those looking for something outside  of the usual flowers.  The concentrate catalog includes a few different types of hash along with THC capsules that I have yet to try but look interesting. The edibles carried include everything from medicated donuts to THC infused olive oil and BBQ Sauce.

On top of everything else the service is prompt and friendly and I’ve never run into any budtenders who lacked enthusiasm or rushed me out of the door.  Green Earth Collective definitely has all of their bases covered, and well if I might add. There’s a reason why I’m an avid visitor to this club and that’s because they provide every quality I’m looking for in a dispensary.

-Review by Cassavetes

-Photography by Thal