Hog’s Breath


Lineage / Genetics

HawgsBreath (aka Hog’s Breath)

S.S.S.C. Northern Lights # 1 x (’88 S.S.S.C. Williams Wonder x ’88 G-13)


Breeder – The Hog –

Hog’s Breath is an absolute legend in cannabis circles. It’s also a 2002 Cannabis Cup winner for Best Indica. Buds are dense and resinous, containing a hefty amount of sticky trichomes. The smell is of earth and rich, spicy hash with some slight pungent qualities. The taste follows the same pattern as the smell with the hash-like taste being the most prominent flavor. Effects are crushing and narcotic in the manner that the best indicas are. Potent and perfect for those suffering from insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, and a laundry list of other ailments.

Featured Locations

Los Angeles County

Cooperative Patients Alliance @ Studio City, CA



Hog’s Breath @ Cooperative Patients Alliance

Hog’s Breath @ Cooperative Patients Alliance









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