Savon Buds @ North Hollwood, CA

Located @ 5940 Laurel Canyon North Hollywood, CA 91607

Telephone @ (818) 666-5050

Open @ 9 AM-2 AM 7 days a week

Patients must be at least 18 years of age


Savon Buds Collective Dispensary Profile

First off, my preferred strain of cannabis is that OG; it is hands down what I find myself drawn to on a constant basis as the general spectrum of effects is what I find most suitable to my needs and t-levels. With that said, Savon Buds can be considered as a purveyor of some of my favorite variations of OG Kush, as it houses some  headspinning examples of primetime herb which I’ll delve into in  a bit.  Not content with just that, it seems the guys here have taken several giant steps further with  4 gram eighths,  a dizzying amount of specials and Buy-One-Get-One-Free deals, Herculean hours of operation (they stay open until 2 AM all day, every day), posted lab testing, and tons more. Located in North Hollywood on Laurel Canyon, Savon Buds is easy to spot and once inside you’ll be greeted by some wholly original decor and layout that is quite impressive  incorporating creative usage of glass, wood paneling, tile and minimalist color design; it’s clear as day that time, effort, and a creative eye went into planning this and I much appreciate that especially if the collective can pair that with high-end marijuana. On to the bud!

The XXX OG carried here — and this is consistent and across multiple batches– is a veritable classic, a strain that is totally representative of what should constitute  top-of-the-line cannabis, and ranks amongst the pinnacle of OG’s.The smell is classic OG, fuel notes washed over with an overwhelming buttery lemon and pine.   Also present aromatically is a  hint of cedar combined with the floral and spicy notes associated with a mellow blonde hash. Visually, the  buds are laden with trichomes, the crystal coating being an obvious precursor to the resinous, sticky nature of this particular strain of marijuana.  The taste is quite strong, a concentrated citrus with pine flavors lingering at the end. The cerebral effects hit instantaneously, with the initial cloudiness easing into a body stone that further deepens into complete relaxation and relief. Heavy and heady, potent and the holy grail for pain relief. The XXX OG  at Savon Buds is also extremely effective medication for  insomnia,  gastrointestinal disorders, anxiety relief, as well as a host of other reasons.  As I said, I consume almost OG cuts exclusively, and this 26% THC beast is definitely up there on my list of all-time favorites.

This cannabis clinic is — and I know I keep repeating myself incessantly, but it’s the truth– home to just premiere OG’s across the board;  another  potent sample happens to be the Jedi OG; rich, dark green calyxes covered in sticky crystals, dense and resinous in structure with deep orange hairs, the powerful skunk, pine and sharp lemon smell, and of course, the potent effects that a well cultivated OG cut is known for(backed by verified lab results that I’ve seen range between 22-27% total active cannabinoids at this dispensary).  The Jedi reeks in terms of odor,  a sign that incredible things are obviously right around the corner.  The lemon and skunk flavor is intense,  thick and apparent on the palate.  While retaining subtle aspects,  power and potency are the stars in all respects (aromatics, flavor, effects), and it more than delivers on each and every one of those fronts. The cerebral and physical effects are overpowering, and are reluctant to slowly creep up and wash over the patient; the potency is felt instantaneously, the heavy effects making full impact immediately upon exhalation.  It’s amazing to be quite honest, and just the raw “heaviness” is something that I’m drawn to; I find myself utilizing this variation all the time, and the potency still manages to leave a lasting impact (no easy task for my tolerance levels). The Jedi OG is just immediately identifiable as a grade A flower.
The Skywalker OG proves to be more energetic and uplifting than the previously mentioned heavyhitters, a strain more in touch with euphoric mental states and full-bodied creative/mental stimulation. A sativa dominant hybrid that begins the proceedings by immediately cutting through the air with a sweet lemongrass scent that maintains a sharp edge due to the underlying sour citrus that cuts through.  The taste is lemon through and through, completely smooth and mellow upon exhalation with some earthy notes. The effects are skewed toward cerebral activity; it does eventually stretch out, physically, but those effects are definitely not prominent by any means. The Skywalker is not preferable if you’re in the market for sleep generation. Sluggishness is absent,  with the burst of energy being followed up by no lag; it can tend to be “racy” if over-consumed (which varies from person to person of course). Skywalker which is also known as Sativa OG is a true original, a classic OG strain that is just perfect for steady daytime and midday usage. Great all around.
Last but not least is the Larry OG (a true OG cut) — wow, this one is just amazing on all fronts. 27% THC content, aromatics of earth, lemon, and pine that seemingly stretches for miles, and potency that would make even a highly experienced patient such as myself sit down and take notice. The taste is all earthy kush blended with sour pine and lemon; effects punch in exhalation  and one can feel the effects immediately behind the eyes. Appetite stimulation approaches quickly making it perfect for eating disorders, chemo patients, etc. It’s also perfect for immediate sleep aid and major pain relief.  The Larry OG hovers at the top with the XXX OG and the Jedi.
Savon Buds is a paradise for OG heads; there are so many incredibly good variations/batches that I’ve already mentioned and I could go on and on. Having the lab testing results breaking down THC content, CBD content, total cannabinoid content, and so on is on point, as is the $45 premium price cap, and sweetening the deal even further, the ocean of rotating deals, BOGO’s, and so on is really just mind-boggling. Plus, not only does the clinic open early at 9 AM seven days a week, it’s also open until 2 AM every day as well. Competition is thick and I’m seeing a resurgence of top notch dispensaries across the board that are taking quality as the basis and then layering great donation rates on top of that; well, Savon Buds is another proud example of that tradition, and in my opinion, takes it even further with the additional deals, atmosphere, etc.  It may sound like I’m gushing, but I’m only speaking exactly what I feel; that this clinic is incredibly impressive on all fronts and amongst the greats.

-Review by Jost

-Photography by Synapse


Larry OG


Skywalker OG









Jedi OG

Larry OG