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Located @ 1833 E. Vernon Ave #105 Los Angeles, CA 90058

Telephone @ (323) 233-1779

Open @ 8 AM-12 AM Monday-Saturday, 10 AM-8 PM

Patients must be at least 18 years of age




Best Quality Herbal Medicine Dispensary Profile

For me,  herbal quality trumps all when it comes to the defining factor of what constitutes a high quality dispensary, cooperative or clinic. Yes, deals and customer care are great of course, but the truly vital feature– to me anyways– is quality, period. And as someone who mostly only smokes OG cuts, of course the quality of OG’s is what matters most to me. Well, OG lovers rejoice as Best Quality Herbal Medicine is a veritable haven for those seeking premium, properly grown and cultivated OG’s (it seems to be their specialty, but I’ve also spotted some really good classic sativas, etc.).  My number one criteria is met and exceeded by leaps and bounds, and to sweeten the deal, the customer service is incredibly on point– knowledgeable, eager and easy to chat with– and the extent of the deals offered is impressive to say the least. Top it off with lab test verification and hours that extend from 8 AM to midnight (excluding Sundays when they open at 10 AM and close at 8 PM) it becomes immediately visible to all that Best Quality Herbal Medicine is making serious waves. Incredible spot and the facility is easily located in Los Angeles right off on Vernon Ave in a strip mall.

As I stated, I’m primarily an “OG-head” so it’s only obvious that my senses are going to hone in and heatseek lock-on to the Og cuts at a club; it’s to the point where favorites hinge on just the tiniest of subtleties and variations in growing and cultivation methods, aromatics, etc.  With that being said, the Banana OG immediately drew me in when I caught a glance of the faint light green that manages to peek out from underneath the layers of trichomes. The smell is off the charts and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t smell exactly as its namesake — it’s all floral-like banana through and through. The taste is incredible and unique, smooth banana with hints of mellow citrus that linger slightly upon exhalation. I also caught some other flavors that weren’t present in the aroma, like very faint piney notes along with a very general “tropical fruit” taste.  It’s amazing no doubt on both of these fronts.  This batch of Banana OG was on point in all respects — properly flushed, grown to a perfect state of maturation, sticky and resinous, burned to a clean white ash; all essential components that are involved in growing  premium, cream of the crop marijuana. This particular batch of cannabis passed with flying colors and is something that I can puff on consistently through out the day without the lag associated with some cuts; amazing medicinal herb that completely alleviates my symptoms and provides the purity of relief. Euphoric but not mindbending, potent yet not overbearing — an added bonus is the lab testing that showcases 25% total cannabinoids present. As I said, just an amazingly balanced OG.
Right alongside the Banana OG on my list of premium bud at Best Quality Herbal Medicine is the Jedi OG; visually dense and formidable,  all dark green calyxes and deep reddish-orange pistils, golfball sized nugs peppered with thick amber trichomes. The smell has some depth and complexity, a burst of clean pine notes, fuel-like skunk, and sweet lemon.  Thick smoke, lemon and skunk are the most apparent, flavor wise. The power and intensity of the smell and taste translates into the potency, and the 22% THC content is immediately apparent after the first few pulls. The physical effects take precedence during a sustained session, but the cerebral effects can be considered to be extremely powerful. Medicinally, the Jedi OG is best for insomnia and other sleep related disorders. Outside of that, this is just excellent medicinal quality herb, a powerful indica that exhibits some of the very best qualities cannabis — particularly the effects of this classic– has to offer. Excellent.
The shelves are stocked with other incredible OG’s including lab tested batches of Skywalker, Larry OG and a few others that hovered in the 23-27% THC realm (only THC, I’m not factoring in other cannabinoids).  Some truly impressive strains (or variations thereof), but what also caught my eye was an extremely heady sativa called Fruity Pebbles. Classic sativa visuals with elongated buds glimmering with stacks of crystals on top of crystals on top of crystals; the aroma is fruity and tart, as if someone literally infused this herb with the cereal bearing the same name (or the other way around). Sweet, smoothed out orange and mango notes hit the palate and are sharpened by a slight diesel flavor, but for the most part the taste is tropical and fruity, aligned with other sativas.  Pure euphoria characterizes the effects of the Fruity Pebbles. Stimulating mentally and creatively, and the effects are paired perfectly for painting, writing, etc. This is an excellent sativa and a perfect change of pace for someone such as myself; it does good to indulge every so often, and the Fruity Pebbles is perfect for those such occasions.What can I say, Best Quality Herbal Medicine is haven for anyone that is looking to obtain premium, high-quality medicinal marijuana that is topped out at only $45 an eighth; it’s even better if you enjoy some of the finest OG’s the city has to offer, along with the peace of mind that verified lab tested strains reinforce; it’s just a fantastic medical marijuana clinic all-around and one that has carved out a name for itself amongst some very stiff competition. This is the way it should be done though in my estimation and it should serve as a model for other dispensaries– patient care, premium quality and lab testing to back that up goes a long way in pushing the industry forward and to see it being done makes me very happy. Job well done.

-Review by Jost

-Photography by Synapse



Jedi OG

Fruity Pebbles

Banana OG









Fruity Pebbles

Skywalker OG

Banana OG