The Giving Tree @ Van Nuys, CA

Located @ 6741 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite A Van Nuys, CA 91405

Telephone @ (818) 787-2557

Open @ 10 AM-8 PM Sunday-Tuesday, 10 AM-9 PM Wednesday-Thursday, 10 AM-10 PM Friday-Saturday

Patients must be at least 18 years of age





The Giving Tree Dispensary Profile

The Giving Tree not only achieves the lofty goal of  standing out in the unrelentingly competitive environment that is Los Angeles County but surpasses those goals with ease and is now one of my go to cannabis clinics in Southern California, continuously offering up a superb selection of medicinal marijuana, concentrates, and edibles.  The Giving Tree is also relatively easy to locate on Van Nuys Blvd. (shortly after the major cross street Vanowen St.). While factors like location and accessibility are of consequence, their importance pales when it comes down to the primary factor for any collective or clinic– if the marijuana is not up to my particular standards there is no further reason to visit.  As I stated previously, Giving Tree definitely delivers the goods when it boils down to the top-shelf medicine provided to their patients.One thing that stands out about this dispensary is that the facility is extremely safe and secure with  multiple safeguards working in concert to  provide only the safest environment for patients , qualities that to me show a particular type of extra care that some other clinics don’t bother to adhere to (whatever their reasons may be). Once inside the service proves to be of extremely high quality with the tenders being quick and attentive to address any concerns or questions general or otherwise;  they are cordial and very easy to just shoot the breeze with at least in my experience.
One of the standout strains of marijuana that I’ve had the pleasure of consuming (vaporization as well as smoking through a simple SGW waffle perc) in particular is the Banana OG, a  total powerhouse of a strain which is derived from– and this shouldn’t be surprising in the least– Banana x OG Kush. It carries with it the familiar OG traits such as the fuel, earth, and lemon scent that is undeniable, especially when the bud itself is broken open to showcase it’s completely crystallized innards, but there’s a lingering sweet, floral smell that definitely carries weight and presence. The flavor carries through well, exhibiting the same traits as the scent. The effects hit hard, but ease up into an enjoyably stoney couch-lock that seemingly stretches out into infinity. Sense of time and space grind to a steady crawl and a general sense of serenity and relaxation washes over during the latter period of effects.  Banana OG is obviously very effective for pain relief, appetite stimulation, and insomnia. This ranks as one of favorites from the Giving Tree no doubt.


Another incredible pick is easily the Skywalker OG. The Giving Tree already has a formidable line-up of OG Kush variations stocked at all times and this classic just might be the epitome. Large, dense marijuana nugs that are just dripping with glistening crystals and peppered with light orange hairs. The structure is rock-solid, yet the bud itself is the very definition of resinous and sticky (it’s impossible to not leave trich remnants on your fingers and hands upon merely touching this batch of Skywalker). The smell is a pungent mix of skunk with a sharp citrus smell that cuts through; the taste is nearly the same, with a sourness that lingers on the palate. This OG is heavy in all respects and seems balanced in both cerebral and body effects, providing a lasting intensity that melts into total relaxation. This particular cut was incredibly cerebral but also just crushingly potent (mind and body). It’s an excellent example of what a premium bud should look, smell, taste, and smoke like;  one comes to appreciate the kind of care a master grower can bring after a while.
Another noteworthy strain that I’ve only seen here and have been lucky enough to sample is the Hulk’s Breath; this superb strain is a cross between Lamb’s Bread and another strain whose origins are unknown. The effects produced are  particularly potent and heady; this is one of the most pleasurable smokes of all-time in my opinion, something that I’ve always found indicative of properly grown Lamb’s Bread . The taste of this strain is incredible — spicy, sweet notes mixed with citrus and earthy undertones. The effects hit immediately with a burst of cerebral and mental energy/stimulation before easing you into a languorous  state in which all anxiety is completely stripped away and replaced with a relaxation of both mind and body.  Hulk’s Breath is most definitely a connoisseur strain and one that I find  can be  enjoyed in all its pleasures throughout the day. Lag is absent although the “body stone” is much more noticeable when compared to Lamb’s Bread pure-sativa qualities.  Unique all the way through and just premium herb that can’t be passed up even if sativas aren’t your preference.
As I said, the Giving Tree  provides an extensive amount of extremely high quality  cannabis  as the aforementioned examples should show. The Tahoe OG, a classic OG cut,  is another variation that floats amongst the upper echelon strains at Giving Tree.  The Tahoe hits all of the facets that constitute top-shelf OG Kush head-on, providing a lush, heavy smoke, with intense cerebral and body effects that most patients and fans of this variety have taken to.  In a sea of weakly grown, flushed, and cured OG Kush cuts polluting the market its great to see potent, well-grown examples all on display in a single location. You literally can not go wrong with the selection on display here– from the frost-encased Blue Nightmare to the Snoop’s Master Kush–and I can say with certainty that I have always been extremely pleased with my selections here.  This place is the total package, providing excellent service, accessibility and most importantly,  high-quality marijuana for patient consumption. On top of all of that, the prices on donations are capped at $45 for an eighth. One to check out and comes with a full recommendation on my part.

-Review by Port

-Photography by Synapse





Hulk’s Breath

Blackberry Kush









Banana OG

Blue Nightmare

Skywalker OG









Hulk’s Breath

Blackberry Kush

Banana OG