Hazelwood Patients Collective @ Los Angeles, CA


Located @ 17523 Ventura Blvd. Encino, CA 91316

Telephone @ (323) 542-9140

Open @ 10 AM-10 PM Monday-Saturday, 12 PM-8 PM Sunday

Patients must be at least 18 years of age


Hazelwood Patients Collective Dispensary Profile

Hazelwood Patients Collective– located on 4619 1/2 York Blvd. in Los Angeles, California– has it dialed in with regards to not utilizing “compassion” as cover for low quality like so many other places peddling trash, instead they embrace  true compassion by actually providing amazing medication to the members of their collective with a sense of generosity that initially left me dumbfounded.  It’s great (and honestly shocking) to see these qualities present in a collective, co-operative, or dispensary. There are a wide variety of top-notch OG’s carried at Hazelwood Patients Collective and one of the finest examples of this extremely popular variety is the Charlie Sheen.  The guidelines that constitute a top-notch OG are all met: solid lime green leaves covered in sticky crystals, dense and resinous in structure with pale orange hairs, the powerful skunk and sharp citrus smell, and of course, the monstrously potent effects that a well cultivated OG cut is known for.  This particular example reeks in terms of odor, but that is a sign that good things are yet to come.  The lemon-lime flavor is intense,  thick and apparent on the palate.  Charlie Sheen exchanges subtlety in all respects– smell, taste, effects– for power, and it delivers on all of those fronts. The mental and physical effects are powerful and dominant, and are reluctant to play the role of creeper; instead, the potency is felt instantaneously, the heavy effects making full impact upon exhalation. Cannabis of this strength makes it the perfect candidate for relieving aches and pains as well as proving to be an excellent choice for any sedentary activities that one might enjoy, like watching a movie before heading to bed.

For those in the mood or need for a heavy, pain numbing indica would do well to turn to either the #1 Finest OG or King Kush at Hazelwood Collective. Kicking things off, the #1 Finest OG is great to look at — craggy, vibrant green with washes of shimmering crystals and deep orange hairs. The smell is heavy on the musk and skunk, and delivers along the same lines in terms of taste, with heavy undertones of earth and coffee that linger upon exhalation. The effect is notable for the immense body relaxation that it induces. This particular batch is unbeatable in terms of heaviness, devoid of  any crushing lag,  and excels as a premium example for treating any type of bodily pain, insomnia, and so  forth. It’s a close call but the King  Kush might just be my favorite at  this cannabis clinic. The bud structure is solid, with deep green broad leaves that are completely drenched in an abundance of frosty trichomes and peppered with intense red pistils that peek out occasionally. The smell and taste are incredible, with big notes of coffee and tropical fruit that is underset by a classic earthiness exhibited by the best examples of this strain.  It’s potent with regards to body effects and will instill complete relaxation and pain relief.  Perfect night time medication and an example of true top shelf marijuana.
Another standout is the King Louis XIII which is really just a superbly grown example of what should constitute an OG from effects to structure to taste to smell — it’s all there. The King Louis reeks of diesel fuel and earth with that lime citrus sharpness that just cuts through everything else in the air and signifies that a real deal OG has just arrived. The smell is undeniable. The bud is an intense lime-green color with wild orange hairs peeking out from amongst the impressive amount of trichomes covering the surface. The bud structure is nice and solid and the smell packs even more of a wallop when a bud is cracked open to reveal its sticky and resinous contents. As expected the powerful OG qualities are in effect — the pressure behind the eyes and heaviness to the head as well as to the body that begins to melt into a nice relaxed couch lock as time passes.  Potency and power are definitely in effect and I expected nothing less once I smelled and saw the marijuana in question.  The name is apt as this heavy hitter truly qualifies as king-sized for both mind and body.  This ranks as one of my favorites at Hazelwood Patients Collective, no questions asked– and that’s saying something when you consider the quality concerned.
The house-strain Hazelwood OG is another top strain featured  and the potency just might be unmatched. The smell is pungent and sharp, a mix of skunk, fuel, and lemon that will just linger in the air forever and is almost always the mark of excellent cannabis. It is of course, with the powerful high hitting you almost immediately directly to the head. It’s incredibly strong and stoney yet remains very stimulating which makes it excellent medicine for a myriad of conditions  (migraine relief would be a great example). You can expect to break apart completely resinous nugs when prepping for a smoking or vaporizing session. This is a great example of an all-time great strain in the world of medical marijuana ( which is not that surprising when you take the parents of this plant into account). The beautifully purple Mr. Nice Guy, Larry OG, and Tahoe  OG grown 100% organically are also strains to be on the lookout for at Hazelwood.
I can’t state it enough that Hazelwood Patients Collective has quickly become one of my favorite purveyors of medical marijuana and they are a model on which to be based in all facets for others. High quality service, amazing quality concentrates and cannabis, a vast array of alternating specials and discounts, and a ton of other qualities that I’ve written about at length. This clinic is the cream of the crop, standing amongst the best no matter the locale.  Hazelwood  Collective is not to be missed and comes with only the highest of my recommendation. Superb!

-By Cassavetes

-Photography by Synapse


King Louie XIII

Mr. Nice Guy









Hazelwood OG

#1 Finest OG

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King Louie XIII