SBQPG @ Hawthorne, CA


Located @ Hawthorne, CA — Deliveries Only. Serving the South Bay.

Telephone @ (323) 902-7590 and (323) 451-2987

Open @ 8:30 AM-9 PM 7 days a week

Patients must be at least 18 years of age



SBQPG Delivery Service Dispensary Profile

Every visit from  SBQPG– in my opinion the premiere delivery service in South Bay–  provides for unexpected surprises, all in a good way of course.  The quality of the herb is honestly incredible across the board, which may prove to be especially shocking when you take into consideration the amount and variety of strains carried here.  Not only that but the prices are all very reasonable and can be considered a steal in many cases as they cap at $50 for their top shelf strains.  On top of that they carry a huge cornucopia of edibles including the extremely potent  Kind Kandy Browniez, Kushtown Sodas and the hard to find premium Kiva 180 mg of THC Chocolate Bars in a variety of flavors (including my two personal favorites, Dark Chocolate Tangerine and Irish Cream Mint). Take it from an experienced patient, the potency of these candy bars is not to be trifled with. Medicated topicals and tinctures can even be found at SBQPG which seems doggedly determined to stock the widest  variety of not only strains but of methods to medicate. I can’t help but be impressed by their efforts. I believe they charge a reasonable $5 gas fee for deliveries outside of Hawthorne and Lawndale and that they deliver to all areas in the South Bay including Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, and San Pedro.
The Infinite Euphoria is a crown jewel in the world of premium cannabis, a legendary strain birthed at BC Seeds and the result of a genetic pairing for the ages– the incredibly elusive Infinity  and Euphoria Unlimited. A mouthwatering strain that’s dripping with sparkling trichomes, this formidable bud needs to be experienced first-hand to truly appreciate its spectrum of medicinal qualities. This bud just oozes the smell of sweet citrus and various tropical fruits such as mangos and papaya, although it’s more “general” in nature; the taste is in the same ballpark, tasty as most sativa dominant strains tend to be. Effects are characterized by pure euphoria with no ceiling what so ever and truly lives up to it’s name — stress, anxiety, and depression melt away almost instanteously when administered. The Infinite Euphoria induces happiness, with any raciness that define some sativas being absent completely. A euphoric, cerebral high that also works wonders for migraines and this is speaking as a patient who is afflicted by migraine headaches on a regular basis. Truly impressive strain on display and one which speaks to the wide spectrum of medicinal properties provided by variations of this plant.

I’ve run across a strain dubbed Blueberry Thunderfuck — also known as Blue Alaskan Thunderfuck — which is a monstrous cross between the classic Blueberry and Matanuska Thunderfuck. The effects of this genetic pairing are pure in their intentions — to create a balanced cerebral and physical change that will proceed to lay you out flat during the latter stages on these merits alone– and the results of this pairing are impressive to say the least. The smell and taste  are dominated by the Blueberry scent and flavor profile as well as a pungent musk with heavy undertones of earthy pine and bitter lemon.  The effects hit immediately and provide a heavy, cloudy,  high that melts into a pleasant couchlock. For seasoned patients and smokers this bud is a literal godsend.

It’s incredibly difficult to go wrong with any choices at SBQPG due to the care taken to offer their patients only finely grown samples;  there is a refreshing lack of low or mid-grade here, indicating a pride taken in the medication provided.  Other remarkable strains are the Lifesaver x NYC Sour Diesel (a.k.a. L.S.D.) which just completely overwhelms the olfactory senses with it’s overpowering aroma of bitter lemon jelly, spicy hash,  and skunk and upon smoking immediately hits mentally in a wash of pure potency. The feeling is strong but invigorating and makes for a fantastic daytime smoke. The Skywalker OG is a finely grown OG and packs a wallop in terms of potency (a running theme here at SBQPG). Rich, thick smoke and the lingering flavor of citrus and pine on the exhale and immediate effects that surprisingly, hit hard and then creep even further into uncharted territory as time wears on. The XXX Bubba is another rich, complex smoke and also features dense, frosty buds covered in wild red hairs that are  just beautiful to look at.

SBQPG continues the assortment of potent indicas with their Excalibur OG and their house strain, the mystery “Pornstar” OG Kush and both are excellent examples. The Excalibur OG exhibits the swollen, stacked calyxes that “true” OG’s are known for, along with the spicy, sweet hashy smell combined with citrus and fuel.  These buds, like the Purple OG, Jack Herer, Skywalker, XXX Bubba and Herojuana reek of pure cannabis goodness. The taste on these is a powerful and overwhelming mixture of lemon, pine, and petroleum — the sign of a quality, well-grown batch of OG. The effects are an incredible combination of euphoria, easing of cerebral tension, and “contentment”; the effects translate into an equally pleasurable relaxation and easing of tension, mental and physical. There is no loss of that mental edge and these examples are particularly stimulating and creatively enhancing. Amazing medicinal marijuana is on hand at SBQPG and this delivery service definitely ranks as one of the best that I’ve run across in all respects — ease of access, friendly and flexible service, and premium quality across the board. Excellent work all-around.

-By SeasonalHerb

-Photography by Synapse




Jack Herer

Excalibur OG

Lifesaver x NYC Sour Diesel









XXX Bubba Kush

Purple OG










Pornstar Kush

Blueberry Thunderfuck









Skywalker OG

Excalibur OG

Kind Kandy Brownie