Woodhead / Morning Wood

Lineage / Genetics

Woodhead Reserve

Grapefruit x (White Rhino x Hindu Kush)

[Unknown Hybrid] – [{White Widow x Afghanistan (I)} | Hindu Kush]


Breeder – Unknown –

Woodhead — also known as Morning Wood — derives its genetics from the legendary White Widow and Grapefruit strains; as expected the end result is amazing medicinal grade cannabis. What’s not to be expected are the effects — the cross immediately conjures thoughts of a strain that’s going to be off the charts when it comes to the type of cerebral effects produced, but instead Woodhead is not at all racy; it’s incredibly relaxing and “stoney”, euphoric and meditative. It feels like a tempered, extremely euphoric indica which is confounding enough. The flavors produced are of grapefruit and sour lemon. The aroma is the same, but with slight earthy undertones. Visually, the buds are solid boulders, very densely compacted with fiery orange hairs.  A very well-balanced and unique example of premium medical marijuana.

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Los Angeles County

Humboldt Relief @ Reseda, CA



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