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L.A. Confidential

OG LA Affie x Afghani

[Afghanistan (Indica)] – [Afghanistan (Indica)]


Breeder – DNA Genetics –

L.A. Confidential — derived from a cross between OG LA Affie and Afghani — is a heavy hitting indica hailing from DNA Genetics that most definitely rises to the occasion in terms of potency, yet remains extremely effective for all-day usage providing excellent pain relief, anxiety reduction, euphoria, and mild psychedelic effects (if used in sufficient quantities). The flavor of the L.A. Confidential really comes through when used with a whip style vaporizer; the combination of citrus, spicy hash, and earth mimics the smell perfectly.  This strain, when grown to its full potential is easily one of the best examples of high-grade medicinal cannabis one can find.


Featured Locations

Los Angeles County

Cooperative Patients Alliance @ Studio City, CA



L.A. Confidential @ Cooperative Patients Alliance









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