Blackberry Kush


Black Berry Kush

Lineage / Genetics

Black Berry Kush

Bubba Kush x Blackberry

[OG Kush x {West Coast Dawg x Old World Kush}] – [The Black x Afghani]


Breeder – Unknown –

Blackberry Kush is an  indica characterized by its abundant, dense trichome coverage, deep berry flavor and aroma, and body stone. Visuals usually never fail to impress with a properly grown batch of Blackberry Kush. This strain  provides much needed physical pain relief and relaxation by way of it’s physical effects. High quality examples provide a unique physically uplifting sensation which can best be described as radiant.  This is excellent for medical patients who are looking for pain relief. Flavor wise, the Blackberry delivers an earthy, sweet raspberry like flavor; it ranks in the upper echelon in this department without question.

Featured Locations

Los Angeles County

The Giving Tree @ Van Nuys, CA



Blackberry Kush @ The Giving Tree

Blackberry Kush @ The Giving Tree







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