King Louis XIII

Lineage / Genetics

King Louis XIII

OG Kush (Louis XIII Cut)

Chemdawg x {Lemon Thai x Pakistani Hindu Kush} (Most Likely)


Breeder – Clone Only –

The King Louis XIII OG is formidable in all aspects, a heavy, elite smoke that is one of the definitive representations of a powerhouse indica fueled OG. Dense,  foxtailing lime green calyxes covered in resinous trichomes peppered with wild orange hairs make up the physical appearance of the King Louis XIII. The bud itself reeks of earthy musk and diesel fuel, with a lime-like citrus sharpness that cuts through the rest of the flavors. The aroma is undeniable, one of refreshing citrus tempered by earth and diesel — much the same as the taste. The effects are powerful and unmistakeably OG — the tightening, heavy-lidded pressure that builds immediately behind the eyes, the intense cerebral heaviness to the head, and eventually, the physical effects that leave one in a state of pure bodily relaxation. The King Louis XIII is an aptly named heavy hitter and a true all-star when it comes to providing pain relief and appetite stimulation.


Featured Locations

Los Angeles County

Hazelwood Patient Collective @ Los Angeles, CA



King Louis XIII @ Hazelwood Patients Collective

King Louis XIII @ Hazelwood Patients Collective









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