Mr. Nice

Lineage / Genetics

Mr. Nice

G-13 x Hash Plant

[G-13 (Indica)] – [Hash Plant x {Hash Plant x Northern Lights #1}]


Breeder – Sensi Seeds –

Mr. Nice is an indica dominant cross between a Hash Plant father and a G-13 mother. It’s a match made in heaven as this extremely resinous strain sports beautifully narcotic effects while retaining crystal clear clarity. Characterized by deep bodily effects and definitely one of the best varieties of medicinal marijuana when it comes to treating and/or providing relief for fibromyalgia, nausea, chronic pain, sleeping disorders, cancer, appetite stimulation and more. Bar none, this strain of cannabis is incredible medicine. Mr. Nice is off the charts in the aroma and taste departments; what shines through is a combination of tropical fruit and spicy hash.


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 Los Angeles County

Hazelwood Patient Collective @ Los Angeles, CA




Mr. Nice Guy @ Hazelwood Patient Collective

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