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Blood Wreck x Vortex

[Trainwreck x Trinity] – [Apollo 13 x Space Queen]
[Trainwreck | 3-Way California Hybrid] – [{Genius x Princess 75} | {Romulan x C-99}]


Breeder – TGA Subcool Genetics

A true diamond in the world of premium, medicinal grade marijuana, Timewreck  hails from Dioxide of TGA Genetics(Dioxide has since left TGA) . It stems from a genetic pairing of the already stunning strains Vortex  and Blood Wreck.  Visuals are characterized by large trichome clusters, with an aroma of sour citrus, various tropical fruits, and earthy, hashy spice. When vaporized the flavors are mostly of grapefruit, mouth puckering lime, earth and coffee like undertones that aren’t as present in the smell. All of this is characterized by a persistent “rotten fruit” taste and smell that lingers in the background. Effects are characterized by a sudden and sharp punch of euphoria with no ceiling what so ever. This cultivar is recommended for experienced smokers as some may find the effects to be overpoweringly cerebral and paranoia inducing. Timewreck has an intense high that also incorporates the heavy effects of something like an OG. Wonderfully psychoactive complimented by a distinct terpene profile that some may find to be an acquired taste. An all around favorite at Dispensary Index.



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