Blueberry Thunderfuck

Lineage / Genetics

Blueberry Thunderfuck

Matanuska Thunderfuck x Blueberry Sativa

[Matanuska Valley (Indica)] – [Floral Line F2 x Floral Line F2]


Breeder – Clone Only –

Blueberry Thunderfuck — which is also known as Blue Alaskan Thunderfuck —  is a cross between Blueberry Sativa and Matanuska Thunderfuck. The effects associated with this marijuana are the very definition of balanced; it has discovered a happy medium, invoking fuzzy, euphoric cerebral changes as well as a radiant physical warmth.  The aroma and taste are dominated by the distinctness of blueberries tempered with a musky earth and pine. It’s distinct and flavorful with a full-bodied smoke (or vapor if you prefer). Effects are immediate, providing a heavy high that melts into a pleasant couch-lock. Medicinal grade cannabis rarely gets better than this.

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