God’s Gift x Bubba Kush

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Bubba’s Gift

Pre-98 Bubba Kush x God’s Gift

[OG Kush x {West Coast Dawg x Old World Kush}] – [OG Kush x Grand Daddy Purple]


Breeder – Clone Only –

God’s Gift (GDP x OG Kush) x Bubba Kush is a supremely heavy strain,  a full-bodied indica that is the absolute best for treating chronic pain, and a variety of other illnesses — the medicinal properties of this strain are seemingly endless.  Characterized by vibrant green calyxes and fiery orange pistils,  this cross is also prone to be substantial  resinous trichome coverage. The smell and taste  is a highlight,  a unique mix of coffee, dark fruit, and spicy hash. Effects are characterized by deep, bodily relaxation, easing one into a deep, meditative zone; the feeling is best described as a cerebral and physical “warmth” that radiates outward.


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Los Angeles County

Sylmar Compassionate Caregivers @ Sylmar, CA



God’s Gift x Bubba Kush @ Sylmar Compassionate Caregivers









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