Purple Punch

Purple Punch @ thevillage

Lineage / Genetics

Purple Punch

Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple

[OG Kush (Larry Clone) x SFV OG] – [Northern California, USA (Indica)]
[{Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush)} | {OG Kush SFV Cut x Afghani # 1}] – [Northern California, USA (Indica)]


Breeder – Super Nova Gardens –

Purple Punch has gained much notoriety as one of the most visually stunning examples of cannabis across the board. To call it eye popping is putting it lightly; -deep hues of purple and milky orange pistils peek out from massive layer upon massive layer of snow white trichomes. The aromatic profile will also garner reactions of disbelief: Purple Punch carries a range of complex aromas ranging from Crunchberry soaked cereal milk,Blue Powerade,  hints of powdered grape candy, blueberry muffins, and delicate floral notes. All that can be said is: unbelievable.