Samoas @ Archive Seed Bank


Lineage / Genetics


Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) x Face/Off OG BX1

[OG Kush South Florida Cut x F1 Durban] – [Face Off OG Kush x {#32 (Unknown Strain) x Face Off OG Kush}]
[{Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush)} | {F1 x Durban Poison}] – [{Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush)} | {(Chemdawg x <Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush>) | Unknown Strain}]


Breeder – Archive Seed Bank –

Samoas immediately catches the eye with it’s dense structure, deep coating of shimmering white trichome glands, and speckled purple and green hues offset by fiery orange pistils. This offspring of the Forum Cut of Girl Scout Cookies and Archive’s own Face/Off OG is a heavyweight contender in all categories — appearance, smell, taste, and effects. Samoas has quite the complex terpene profile blending that deep cookie funk, hints of dough, pungent layers of gasoline, sweet earth, and creamy OG lemon notes. Bittersweet chocolate and fuel soaked baked goods linger on the palate. The Samoas pack a powerful punch as well which is excellent for pain relief, insomnia, and a multitude of other ailments.