Terpenes contain no cannabinoids or THC and are the primary aromatic constituents of cannabis. But they are more than just that however. Cannabis contains a multitude of terpenes — some strains contain over 100 different terpenes — in varying amounts that all work in conjunction to create the “Entourage Effect.” Terpenes act as modulators with THC to provide the varying effects you experience from different strains. This is why strains like Super Lemon Haze tend to be uplifting (high amounts of the terpene d-limonene) while others like Bubba Kush tend to be more sedative (in addition to the obvious differences in flavors and smells). TERPLORDS specialize in extracting full spectrum terpenes from whole, single source (“farm to table”) plants in their natural state without the use of solvents or vacuum cold traps. Terpenes derived solely from cannabis plants will contain the “essence” of that particular cannabis variety. You can use these to isolated terps to add to rosin, ice wax, etc. or just as aromatic oils, to flavor the mouthpiece of a doobie or Backwoods or what have you. Check out their site to see their current catalog of limited run cultivar batches. They tend to go fast but they always have some extremely impressive terps in stock.