Patients Premium Collective @ Santa Ana, CA

Patients Premium Collective @ Santa Ana, CA


Located @ 1900 East Warner Ave Unit 1b Santa Ana,CA 92705

Telephone @ (714) 720-2735

Open @ 12:00 PM-8:00 PM Monday-Saturday, 12:00 PM-6:00 PM Sunday

Credit Cards Accepted

Patients must be at least 18 years of age

PPC also provides patient  delivery in Orange County (please call for schedule).

Patients Premium Collective Dispensary Profile

Saturn OG @ PPCI’m not going to waste any time in beating around the bush — Patients Premium Collective (PPC) is, hands down, one of the premier spots in all of California for obtaining high-quality, properly tended, handled and flushed, cannabis.  I’ve seen an upsurge in the quality of medicine being carried in Orange County and PPC is one of the establishments that towers above all, with an abundant selection of superb marijuana that dwarfs most other clinics. PPC can be found in Santa Ana posted closely to the Costa Mesa Freeway (CA SR-55) which is a welcome relief for those of us who value quick access to the  California Highway system.  PPC’s facility is relatively easy to find; once inside the sight of wood-paneled walls greets you with a comforting familiarity that just beyond lies a vast collection of some of the finest medication to be had right at your fingertips.



The tenders are all very friendly and always seem happy to discuss the finer aspects of the medicinal cannabis in stock which is always nice; a tender that lacks in general knowledge is a pet peeve of mine. With that said, the star of the show is the medicine as it should be. It’s even hard to pinpoint a spot to begin as the selection is frankly mind-boggling (with new strains and concentrate variations being added on a constant basis). Let me say that I would find it impossible to not find something that will be effective for whatever your ailment or tolerance level may be.

Standout strains can be seemingly chosen out of a hat at random at Patients Premium Collective and one of them happens to be the rare Planetary cuts of OG Kush, with the Saturn OG being a particularly crushing variety in the most perfect of OG ways: heavy, caked with glistening crystals, reeks of fuel and pine with lemony citrus notes, intense and extreme potency that generally plateau and trail off into a relaxing state of sleepiness that is perfect for those with insomnia, pain, and in general, late night sessions prior to bed. The structure is dense and tight resulting in boulder like nugs that literally need to be chipped away at when prepping. The Saturn OG is crushing  and most definitely lives up to its namesake.

As if the Saturn and other Planetary cuts aren’t already impressive enough, the Abusive OG is phenomenal and not to be missed if you see it in stock. This is truly one of the finest examples of an OG that I have witnessed in all of its forms. Just an unreal amount of pungent lemon smell and flavor with effects that are stratospheric, with intense body and head effects. The dark green buds just sparkle with  trichomes and are offset by bright orange hairs that make for  incredible looking buds. The Abusive OG is, in my humble opinion, just supreme in every respect and ranks as one of my all-time favorites across all strains and varieties of marijuana. I don’t think I can possibly recommend this one any more than I already have. Fantastic.

The rest of the menu is packed with formidable OG’s like PPC’s Private Reserve (which ranks right up there with the upper echelon of OG cuts both at PPC and anywhere else), the Dre OG (completely coated in sticky, crystal-like trichomes), the Louis XIV OG, etc. The list of top-notch OG’s seemingly stretches out into infinity and firmly plants PPC as one of the finest purveyors of OG variations on my long list of dispensaries. The rest of the menu is jam packed with amazing cannabis like their Xtreme Green Crack (classic sativa with an overwhelming fruity taste and smell with an instantaneous head-change that hits very hard and exhibits heavy psychoactive effects) and powerful pure indicas like the Elite Silverback Gorilla.

Another standout indica that I’ve never spotted anywhere else is the Purple MK Ultra. There is something to be said for just the taste and smell alone which is a complex mixture of dark fruit, earth, spice, and citrus. Just incredible and the smoke (or vapor) is just as good. Complete body relaxation that seems to strip away all pain and anxiety. It can induce a kind of hypnotic effect that when balanced with the body effects leaves one with a pleasurable couch lock that is perfect for late nights. Another highly recommended strain from PPC, which seems to be filled to the brim with them.

As I stated before, Patients Premium Collective is one of the very best to do it, bar none.  This is one of my favorite places to visit as they always have an incredible selection of meds of all stripes and manage to always surprise me with something new that is pure quality. An amazing collective that I would be hard-pressed to find many others that could compete with it.

-Review by J-Eastman

-Photography by Avocado


Saturn OG

Dre OG

Saturn OG