Nature’s Quest Healing Center @ Colton, CA

Located @ 1344 N. Mt. Vernon Ave Colton, CA 92324

Telephone @ (909) 370-2117

Hours @ CLOSED

Credit Cards Accepted


Nature’s Quest Healing Center Dispensary Profile

Nature’s Quest Healing Center is a literal godsend for those located in the Inland Empire, a treasure trove of carefully chosen high grade cannabis offered for shockingly low donations. Quality this good is extremely difficult to come by in all of California period.  When you factor in the actual quality of the medicine offered, the fact that the shelves are meticulously stocked with only real high-grade, each 1/8th of an ounce is weighed heavy to 4 grams, and that there’s a $50 cap, NQHC rises to the upper echelon of dispensaries, whether that be in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, or beyond. Nature’s Quest is also very easy to locate right off of Mt. Vernon Ave, which is easily accessible from both the CA-10 and CA-215 freeways. The collective itself lies in a completely nondescript white building with minimal markings (including a small logo adorning one of the tinted windows) indicating that you’re at the right place. No need to fret about not spotting the building itself as a rather large banner adorned with “1344” makes it quite simple to verify that you’re at the correct location for those in the know. I’ve always been a fan of keeping things incognito and understated as to not draw any unwanted attention. Parking is a cinch as there is ample space in the designated lot, further streamlining the process of getting in and checking out the fresh stock of top-shelf marijuana at Nature’s Quest which is obviously the most important thing for most patients that I personally know.

Once inside the check in process is quick and  painless allowing prompt access to the budroom. The budroom itself is nicely arranged with each strain of cannabis on display in glass mason jars which are themselves encased behind a glass display. Directly behind the counter is a wall-painting with the logo and name of the establishment all done in a clean and understated manner. There are no frills here, the focus is directly on providing the patient with extremely high quality medicine for what I consider to be an unreal value (4 grams of this quality of top-shelf herb  for $45-50 is remarkable, I can’t state that enough). In addition to the shelves lined with only hand-picked high-grade marijuana there are also a huge amount of edibles and various other alternative methods for medicating such as a variety of Kushtown THC infused sodas and juices, hash oil cookies and brownies, as well as extremely potent tinctures which are fantastic for those who are suffering from high levels of pain and are looking for relief.  Nature’s Quest also has pre-rolled tulip joints which are stuffed with a mixture of marijuana and hash, an item that particularly stood out to me on my last visit.

As I’ve said, all of the weed is carefully selected, and you can tell that the cultivators really know what they’re doing in terms of growing premium cannabis. On my latest trek through Nature’s Quest I was able to pick up some absolutely flawless looking Platinum Silver Haze.  The buds were just drenched in shimmering trichomes and it smelled of sandalwood with notes of spice and even a slight fruitiness. The taste is incredible as well, especially when vaporized as it hits all of the notes contained in the smell but with even more complexity in the flavor. The effects are intensely cerebral and heavy, soaring to the point of euphoria.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Hazes as I love the effects, potency, and taste and I’m very pleased to say that this is a top-notch example of a proper Haze. If you happen to catch this in stock don’t hesitate to sample this herb as it remains truly kingsized in scope, and is easily recommended for those who are looking for potency but are looking for something slightly different in the sea of generic kushes that are populating most dispensaries at the moment.  Crazily enough this is listed as a $45 strain which is a tremendous value for this type of excellence. Well done.

The Lakers OG is quite a sight, with extremely frosted nugs that are dense and tinged with purple; the smell, aside from the usual OG traits, also has hints of blueberry and musk. The effects are of course, very powerful, but also very sedative and mellow once you’re past the initial burst of effects. God’s Gift is another high-grade sampling from Nature’s Quest, this one a particularly heavy indica (it’s OG Kush crossed with Granddaddy Purple) and is a particularly effective creeper strain that sneaks up on you as far as potency. The effects are mellow, inducing total body relaxtion. It’s another choice pick that looks and smells amazing, but as I said this place is filled with them. The level of the quality maintained is not what you usually find at most collectives.  Other standouts include the Ogre OG, XXX Abusive OG, the Pineapple Express, and the Skywalker, but in reality, the list is endless.  This is truly top notch stuff.

As far as the service goes, these guys do indeed know what they’re talking about and have always been eager to help out and offer information regarding the medicine on display. They weigh heavy for each 1/8th, offering patients 4 grams for the price of 3.5 grams which is a substantial savings on top of the already solid pricing as I’ve previously stated. There’s no mid-grade schwag that needs to be picked through to find true quality cannabis as everything is filtered through what seems to be very strict quality control. This place is really just a premium spot to check out and worth the long drive if you happen to be outside of the San Bernardino & Riverside areas. I’m going to highly recommend Nature’s Quest Healing Center. A++.

-By Totems

-Photography by Thal


Platinum Silver Haze


Lakers OG









Platinum Silver Haze

Jack the Ripper

Lakers OG









Platinum Silver Haze

Platinum Silver Haze

God’s Gift