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Diablo OG Medicinal Cannabis

Located @ 6670 Reseda Blvd. Suite 107   Reseda, CA 91335

Telephone @ (818) 300-0020

Open @ 10:00 AM-8:00 PM Monday-Friday, 12:00 PM-6:00 PM Saturday, Closed on Sunday

Private Membership (Open for registration)

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Humboldt Relief Dispensary Profile

Brutus OG As a seasoned veteran of the Los Angeles County collective scene, a medical marijuana facility must do something exceptionally well to draw more than an initial visit. Humboldt Relief is indeed one of those collectives that more than meets those expectations and as such is a regular stop of mine whenever I happen to be in the general vicinity (the San Fernando Valley).  Tucked away in a multi-level medical building in Reseda, Humboldt Relief is refreshingly non-descript; the facility is tiny, with a small lobby segregated from the display room. There is absolutely no flash here and with good reason of course. That’s because the stars of the show are the various high-grade strains of cannabis that are housed within HR’s walls.

First things first, Humboldt Relief has some of — if not the best — parking to be found for a collective. There is an expansive area in the back that has more than ample parking (you’ll never have a problem getting a spot). Upon verifying my patient documentation and signing in (I’m already a registered member of the collective), I enter the display room where I’m greeted by two seperate vertical display cases containing meticulously arranged shelves of marijuana and another case that has edibles including Hubby’s potent hash-oil candy bars (I’ve seen all of the flavors on my travels to HR: chocolate, “cookies n’ milk,” peanut butter chocolate and so on), Grandma’s frosted chocolate ganja brownies as well as various smoking utensils and accessories like raw rolling papers, etc. One of the things I enjoy most about Humboldt Relief is that the display cases are easy to scan with abundant amounts of buds encased in each container making it quick and easy to single out preferred strains. The budtenders are also always willing to accommodate when it comes to taking a closer look at a desired strain or answering a question. The environment is just always very relaxed, and never have I ever had some of the less than “patient-friendly” service or treatment that I’ve encountered at some other co-ops (by staff, security, or both).

Anyways, as I mentioned before, the focus at HR is on the marijuana itself, with the collective specialty being their collection of OG variations. The top shelf is especially formidable and house specialties like their “Jane Doe”, Diablo, and Brutus OG varieties are some of the very best that you’ll find anywhere in Los Angeles County and the Valley. The pictures speak for themselves — the bud structure of the Brutus is unbelievably dense, with thick full resinous heads covering the entirety of the bud. The effects duplicate the “massiveness” and are very heavy, far beyond what the usual dispensary bought OG provides. It’s great for pain relief, insomnia and many other ailments and afflictions.

The Diablo OG at Humboldt Relief is also extremely eye-catching.  It’s absolutely covered with undisturbed trichomes and the structure is tight and solid. It has an earthy taste tinged with lemon undertones. This is great smoke and even better when packed in a whip-style vaporizer where the intensity of the flavor as well as the punch of the cannabis is most evident.  This is one of the heaviest hitters that I’ve ever had the pleasure of donating for, and is neck and neck with Brutus for most potent OG at Humboldt Relief.

Other notable strains include the house favorite, “Jane Doe”, which is an OG that leans more towards the sativa side than the aforementioned Diablo and Brutus and thus provides far less of a crushing blow and works as a more functional (be warned this med is still extremely  potent) daytime med. For the most part though, each top shelf OG that they offer is top notch. Outside of their excellent selection of OG cuts, they also have some other notable strains including Grapefruit, which is one of the very best Sativas that I’ve had in quite a long time. It’s frosted from top to bottom, has an intensely complex citrus smell, tastes exactly like grapefruit when vaped, and has very intense cerebral effects and provides soaring euphoria with almost no ceiling. An incredible strain that makes its way into HR every so often, but one to cherish when discovered. Their Morning Wood (apparently the genetics are Grapefruit x White Widow) is often incredible and their version of King Kush (deep indica undertones) is also in the running for the top spot, which is a testament to the quality carried here especially their top shelf cannabis (there’s also a $50 donation cap). The buds are  all cured and flushed properly and are not kiefed or mishandled like some other dispensaries are guilty of. HR also carries excellent greenhouse grown strains that are very affordable and a steal for the donation price (including some very effective Sour Diesel, Casey Jones, Bubba Kush as well as a few others).

Humboldt Relief is no doubt one of the premier collectives and a model example for all others with regards to their customer service, atmosphere,  quality and consistency.  You really can’t go wrong as a patient at Humboldt Relief. Highly recommended.

-Review by J-Eastman

-Photography by Avocado


Diablo OG

Bubba Kush

Brutus OG

Morning Wood

“Jane Doe” OG