House of Kush & Clones @ Reseda, CA


Located @ 18119 Saticoy Street Reseda, CA 91335

Telephone @ (818) 996-5874

Open @ 10 AM-9 PM Monday-Sunday

Credit Cards Accepted

House of Kush and Clones Dispensary Profile

House of Kush & Clones is a solid medical marijuana collective that offers up a sturdy collection of herbs, concentrates, and various edibles.  Steadiness is good as long as the quality is maintained and it is with a constant influx of dense, bulbous OG’s lining the casings. HOK is sandwiched between the major cross streets of White Oak Ave. and Reseda Blvd. on Saticoy St. with the building itself tucked behind Just Tires. It’s not too difficult to find for the most part.  The atmosphere is chill and laid back, and any paperwork or registration is handled quickly and with ease.
The selections are laid out neatly behind glass, with the stock changing often; upon closer inspection the manicured buds reveal their high quality, with some particular standouts. One of the better strains on display has to be the aptly named Kryptonite. Immense, boulder like nugs that smell of diesel, earth, and pine. Pungent, fuel like flavors give way to a powerful, but relaxing, body stone that should leave one prepared for a full night’s rest.




The Hustler OG is a nice companion to the Kryptonite, retaining many of the same traits but bringing forth a bit more “sharpness” than the dull-edged Kryptonite in terms of cerebral effects.  Citrus notes are more pronounced both in aromatics and flavor profile. The Hustler is more of a creeper and provides more intense effects are its peak.
The L.A. Confidential at House of Kush & Clones is nice as well. Indica through and through, this Afghani offshoot is very much in line with the other standout strains at HOK;  heavy, anxiety relieving, pain reducing, relaxation inducing. Tempered with some mildly psychedelic effects and euphoria making this my number one choice at this clinic in terms of all-around quality.

-Review by Cassavetes

-Photography by Thal







Hustler OG

LA Confidential

Big Homie OG









Hustler OG


Vader OG









Hustler OG

LA Confidential

Real OG