Southern California Compassionate Sanctuary @ Anaheim, CA

Telephone @ (951)340-3850

Open @ 9 AM-9 PM 7 Days a Week

Patients must be at least 18 years of age

SCCS is delivery only. Serving Riverside and Orange County.


Southern California Compassionate Sanctuary (SCCS) Dispensary Profile

Anaheim is home to some fierce competition in the realm of collectives & dispensaries, chock full of clinics that honestly make it their mission to provide patients with the best possible experience possible so it’s easy to see how standing out can be difficult in such an atmosphere. Well, Southern California Compassionate Sanctuary have achieved those lofty goals and have consistently proven to me that they are among the very best. There is an attention to the little things at SCCS, the small details that always seem to leave the longest lasting impressions in my experience.  Patient service is impeccable, the tenders displaying an eagerness to showcase their medicinal wares on hand, anticipating and thoroughly answering questions, and actually taking an interest in the individual patient — I’ve never been rushed and always encountered knowledge with regards to growth cycles, phenotypes, how the strains were cultivated, their breadth of effects and more.  The assembly line patient treatment that I’ve seen at too many dispensaries (something that is also all too common at your nearest hospital or medical facility) has been abolished at SCCS, a point that I can not stress enough.  The medicine on hand is top-notch, clean burning and high in potency, with a carefully chosen selection of cannabis available that each displays actual variations in terms of smell, taste, genetics, and effects — I always love it when you can see that quality over quantity takes precedent, as well as an actual concern for the safety of the patient’s health. SCCS also features a daily “Happy Hour” from 4:20 PM until 6:20 PM where each strain — all the way to the top-shelf — is available for the extremely kind donation of $11 a gram. That fact is not to be understated and in addition to some other eye-popping patient specials offered, clearly shows why Southern California Compassionate Sanctuary is the height of kindness, compassion, and quality.

First things first, the location is quite easy to spot with a Green Cross SCCS sign adorning the outside of the building. The interior is completely reminiscent of a traditional medical office with sleek, minimal decor, tile floors, a huge stack of magazines to browse through, and a small fridge  fully stocked with ice-cold bottled water. The display room follows suit, maintaining the extra clean look from the waiting room with a glass display glass containing the various strains of marijuana on the premise, tinctures, a variety of concentrates, as well as another small fridge that is packed from top to bottom with edibles, medicated sodas, and more.  Be sure to be on the lookout for the pre-rolled Dutch style king-size joints that are on hand for only $5, one of my favorite pick-ups at SCCS, especially when you take the amount (and quality) of cannabis into account.

As I stated previously, the quality at Southern California Compassionate Sanctuary is truly high-grade, with large, dense trichome coated nugs being the standard visual marker for every strain on hand.  One such example is the Bubba Kush, a SCCS house specialty  that is just impeccably grown and manicured, with a literal forest of shimmering crystals coating the entirety of each individual bud.  The scent is earthy and coffee-like, powerfully so, with hints of musk and bread fruit. The smell is a dead giveaway that this particular variety is going to be the cream of the crop, and it undoubtedly shows when finally consumed via vaporization or smoking. The taste is heavy on the earthen qualities and the effects seem to ramp up rather quickly, with a complete body and mind relaxation that works amazingly well for any type of pain relief that a patient might need or if they suffer from insomnia for instance.  This is an indica through and through, and for me, it is one that I return to especially for late-night medicating sessions.  This is most definitely a prime example of a properly cultivated and cured Bubba Kush and a personal favorite.


Another complete beast of a strain is the Headband (OG Kush x Sour D x Master Kush). The genetics do not lie, and when grown properly this variation is unbeatable in the intensity of the effects provided.  Rich green leaves covered in a veneer of crystals gleam and glisten and are contrasted by the fiery orange and red hairs that cover the length of the bud.  The smell is pungent as to be expected, with sharp and dominant citrus and pine notes, with a slight hint of that earthy quality derived from the Master Kush no doubt. The cerebral effects are intense and focused, and they completely overwhelm any kind of a body load that might be present. Expect a huge burst of energy, and surprisingly, for the intensity of the cerebral effects, there is a clarity that is present throughout the smoking experience with this Headband from SCCS.  A literally perfect smoke that ranks amongst my all-time favorites.




Southern California Compassionate Sanctuary of Anaheim does things properly and with such care that I can’t help but be totally impressed by their dedication and the quality of their service.  For example, they could offer a few different edibles and call it a day, but instead, you’ll find a vast assortment of medicated items, some of which I hadn’t seen elsewhere. Here you’ll find everything from THC infused virgin olive oil, whipped cannabutter, lollipops, space cakes, biscotti, and even medicated  bagel bites.  Pretty impressive if I must say so. The concentrates on site are extremely potent, with a variety of high-end waxes, hashes, and amber glass that will be sure to fill whatever need you might have. This clinic has reached a highwater mark that many attempt to meet but fail to do so.  Flawless medication and flawless patient service/treatment have been fused and the result is Southern California Compassionate Sanctuary. One of the very best in my estimation and a collective that comes with the highest of recommendations.


– Review by J-Eastman

-Photography by Synapse






House Bubba Kush


Bubba Kush










Bubba Kush